Just For Me

Today’s post will not be shared on Facebook. If someone happens to read it, no biggie. I just need to get it out of my system but not necessarily share it with the world.   Today I’m suicidal. I’m not going to act on it, there’s a HUGE difference between feeling suicidal and actually doing anything about it. But that’s how I feel right now.   I am a single parent at the age of 32. I haven’t really achieved anything. I only have one of my children living with me.   I have bipolar disorder as well as Crohn’s Disease … Continue reading Just For Me

When your child prefers the other parent

This is a post that I’ve been wanting to write for a very long time. What do you do when your child prefers one parent over the other, and the preferred parent isn’t you?   It’s hard not to take it personally. It really is. My son has always preferred his daddy. When my son was born, I nearly died in childbirth. It was months before I was able to care for my son properly and bond with him. His dad was the one who got up for all the night feedings, because it took me ten minutes to get out … Continue reading When your child prefers the other parent

Thank You

Thank you, to whoever it was that invaded my privacy.   My blog was my safe place – a place where I could rant, and rave, and vent – where only my close friends would see it. I was wrong.   Someone told someone else. Someone then told my ex’s girlfriend, who just had a go at me for all the “lies” I was telling.   Thank you, whoever it was, for ruining my safe space. Continue reading Thank You

Bipolar – The Disorder No One Wants To Talk About

I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder awhile back. I was put on medication that then made me sleep 18 hours or more a day.  So that wasn’t going to work.  I came off the medication, and I hadn’t been as bad. I felt stable, I was energised, and I wasn’t sleeping all day. I felt great.   Until yesterday, when I realised how much of a manic episode I was having.   I had decided a few weeks ago to pack up everything, and move to the country. I would leave my son behind, and focus on my daughter – … Continue reading Bipolar – The Disorder No One Wants To Talk About


*** disclaimer*** I am bipolar. What is true one minute can be completely different the next. I am not moving to the country. I am moving, and my son is moving in with his father, but I’m not going away. Not yet.     Hey all,   Thanks for reading my blog. A lot of people have been asking me some questions, and I figured instead of repeating myself and trying to explain accurately each time, I would answer some here🙂 Not that I don’t appreciate questions and conversation, I’m just not always as clear as I’d like to be.   Q. … Continue reading Reasons

Misunderstandings and Rudeness

Being me has its disadvantages. I can be rude. I can be inconsiderate. But I always try to apologise and stop it when someone tells me.   This story goes back a little way…. Around 18 months ago I won an outdoor foamy-climbing-gymy sorta thing. It was won in a game of online bingo in the autism group… I didn’t realise when I began playing the bingo game that we were actually playing for this. I was absolutely thrilled when I realised I’d won. All of the other ladies who had played and not won were gracious, and congratulated me. … Continue reading Misunderstandings and Rudeness


So… my son has a girlfriend. He’s 5. My daughter has a boyfriend. She’s 10. I’m 32 and single. After coming out of an awful relationship a couple of years ago, I started seeing a guy who was quite a bit younger than me. I wasn’t at all ready to go into another relationship. The guy I was seeing was a really nice guy, and a really good guy, but it just wasn’t a good match. Over time, it manifested into something that wasn’t healthy for either of us. I won’t go into detail, as he is still a good friend. … Continue reading Relationships

Confession Time

So lately I’ve been very involved with Maddy’s school. As much as I’ve been exhausted lately, and my body has been aching 24/7, I’m really really enjoying being on the PFA (Parents and Friends Association). I’m feeling a little on edge about it, because I’m worried that I’m being too “take-over’y”, but I really am enjoying what I’m doing. I’ve taken over the solar bead fundraiser, I’m loving making the bracelets. I’ve also taken on 2IC for the school banking. I’m currently in the process of sorting out one of the unused classrooms where all the costumes are kept. It’s … Continue reading Confession Time

A Menagerie of… Diagnoses?

Diagnoses? Diagnosises? Diagnosi? Whatever you call it, in my household there’s a few. I won’t take up too much of your time, just a bit of a rundown on my household. Little Man has ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), and previously had speech issues. Nowadays, you can’t shut him up. Love you to death, boy, but for the LOVE OF GOD AND ALL MY REMAINING SANITY – PLEASE take a breath every now and then. The verbal and physical stimming from him today is driving me nuts.   Oldest Child has Aspergers Syndrome (which is also an ASD for those who … Continue reading A Menagerie of… Diagnoses?